Jason Schroeder, DVM

As a native West Texan, Dr. Schroeder speaks your language when it comes to life and the well-being of your family’s pets. Raised the son of a farmer in Amherst, participating in all aspects of 4-H and FFA, he developed a deep love for animals. He knew in the 3rd grade that he wanted to become a veterinarian, and was encouraged every step of the way by his mom and dad!

Following high school, Dr. Schroeder attended college at Abilene Christian University where he met and married his wife, Kara. In 1990, they began their life together in the Bryan/College Station area where his dream was realized when he graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M’s School of Veterinary medicine in 1994.

After one year of practicing in Hamilton, Texas, he moved his wife and daughter to Lubbock…back to the Panhandle where his heart had been since he left!

Four years (and two sons) later, he became the proud owner of Lamb County Veterinary Hospital in Littlefield, Texas. Over the next 3 decades, Dr. Schroeder continued to grow, adding one more son and one more clinic, Shallowater Animal Hospital in Shallowater, Texas.

Dr. Schroeder is dedicated to the people God sends his way and the animals they love. He enjoys the diversity and challenges that each day as a veterinarian brings…never a dull moment!

Alongside caring for pets and people, Doc enjoys spending time with his family and his Boston Terriers, Hooper, Billy, and Gunner (The Boys) and his larger companion, Lando (a rescued pit bull). He is an elder at the Amherst Church of Christ and a passionate leader in The Crucible Project for men. He loves a good John Wayne movie and getting away every now and then with his favorite people.

Kara Schroeder

Raised on a farm in Ennis, Texas, Kara’s world ran parallel to Jason’s as God prepared their hearts for each other. She met and married Jason at Abilene Christian University, and hasn’t ceased to be his sidekick since! (Details in Doc’s bio…LOL)

Blessed to be a mom and teacher for most of their married life, Kara has recently retired and is seeking to help Doc balance some of the things that happen behind the scenes between the two clinics.

Kara loves spending time with family and friends, spending time studying the Bible, quilting, and helping others. She is also an aspiring gardener and chicken mama.

April Jimenez

April is an enthusiastic animal lover who has been an important part of our team for 17 years! She puts her many talents to use in every corner of both LCVH and SAC. You might see her answering the phone, booking appointments, laughing with clients, assisting in exams and surgeries, medicating animals or working on many other challenges that arise in our veterinary world!
Surrounded by clinic dogs and cats (and often sharing her snacks with them…LOL), April has a big heart for all fur babies. She goes out of her way to make sure your animals get the best of care!

April is especially skilled at time management and works hard to meet the needs of those around her A HAPPY ending for you and your animals is her favorite thing to be a part of!!

April is the proud mama of 6 dogs of various breeds and sizes…Lucy the Lab, Bella and Mia (Doberman buddies), Doofus and Dum Dum (rat terrier/chihuahua mixes ), and Rocket (mixed breed)! She also cohabitates with Betty, her calico cat. LOL

In her free time, April is a an experienced foodie who likes relaxing and spending time with family, playing Bingo, estate sale shopping, and just vegging while watching a good movie.

Melanie Roberts

Melanie is an animal enthusiast who has been bringing the fun to our team for 7 years! Raised on a ranch, Melanie has a passion for all things four legged!

If you walk in to Shallowater Animal Clinic, you will find Melanie juggling multiple challenges…answering phones, feeding, cleaning, medicating, organizing, assisting in exams/surgeries, and problem solving all while visiting with our clinic cats and dogs.

In addition to spoiling our clinic cat, Walter, Melanie enjoys the communication side of her job. In fact, when you call to schedule an appointment, you will feel like you are talking to a friend that you have known all your life. She works hard to meet the needs of both you and your fur babies!

Melanie’s personal zoo consists of Avery (a red heeler mix ), Buckshot, Sassy, and Kutter (all wienerschnitzels), Curly Bill and Buddy (both quarter horses).

In her spare time, Melanie enjoys riding motorcycles, team sorting with Curly Bill, and cheering her daughter on in softball.

John Collins

A farm boy from Iowa, and a Navy man, John has been with us for over 15 years! Before joining our team, he worked as assistant lead herdsman at Ben Dora Dairy, and owned a remodeling business.

John is a steady hand at LCVH with a heart for all creatures great and small. In his words, “God blessed me with work I love to do!” You can trust that when you put your animal babies into John’s hands, he will look after them like they are his own.

John can be seen in many areas of the clinic grounds…holding animals for exams, feeding, walking, herding, cleaning…to name a just few of the jobs he tackles.

His own personal homestead is full of all kinds of animals. Together with his wife, Michelle, John gives a home to Holly (a Boston terrier), Marshall Dillon, Mickey and Mr. Stubbs (all chihuahuas), three house cats named Raji, Luchia and Miss Kitty, two barn cats and over 125 chickens, turkeys and guineafowls.

In his free time, John enjoys family time, reading, gardening, church and helping others.

April De La Fuente

A native of Littlefield, April has been a blessing to our team for almost 5 years. The joy she finds in the funny capers of animals is obvious in the bright smile she wears when greeting our clients.

Stepping into either LCVH or SAC, you might find April answering phones, medicating animals, assisting in exams/surgery, cleaning, feeding and loving on the animals in her care…all while sipping on an authentic, bottled Coke from Mexico! She loves visiting with clients, making them comfortable when their fur babies are in the exam room!

Growing up, April had fun raising both cats and dogs. Presently, she is a dog mama to Chapo (an American bully), and 2 French bulldogs, Ari and Little Girl.

In her free time, April is a self proclaimed “home body” who enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Ricardo Rios

Ricardo grew up in Littlefield and has been a valuable part of our team for 7 years. He is no stranger to hard work, having previous experience in both agriculture and home remodeling businesses.

When you visit us at either LCVH or SAC, you will have to look fast if you want to see Ricardo because he is never standing still! He is always busy either outside in the hay fields or inside assisting Doc with surgeries, exams, cleaning, feeding, and caring for your animals! He is especially good at managing animals that are not super happy about undergoing an exam! LOL

In thinking about what he enjoys most about his job, Ricardo says that this is his “life”. He enjoys the animals, the people, and getting to work outside in the open…time that brings him peace.

At home, Ricardo is a dog dad to Karma, an American bully.

In his free time, Ricardo enjoys a quiet day fishing and spending time with his young family.

Cobey Sawyer

Coming soon!

Sarah Payne

Sarah is a country girl with a big heart for animals! Raised by a dad who taught her to never fear a snake, Sarah has a talent for facing the challenges that come with working at an animal hospital!

She is a hard worker who loves seeing you and your pets happy! Her motto is: “Smile and be kind…no matter what!”

At home, Sarah enjoys her 2 Pyrenees Anatolians, Pip Squeak and Hercules.

Sarah comes in to work with us on the weekends, as her high school days are full with church activities, school, 2 other jobs and ballet. When she does have free time, she loves to dance, cook, paint and study astronomy.

Kasidy Gonzalez

Kasidy is a country girl who was raised around roping horses, supporting her dad and brothers in rodeo events. Presently, she is a pre-vet medicine major at SPC.

She began working with us as a high school senior to see if veterinary medicine was what she wanted to pursue. She is a quick learner, who discovered after just a short period of nursing and loving on your fur babies, that this is the line of work for her! We heartily agree!

When you visit one of our clinics, you might find Kasidy assisting Dr. Schroeder with exams, surgeries, feeding, cleaning, medicating or just having fun with the animals!

Her favorite thing to see at either clinic is a basket full of puppies! 🙂

At home, she spends time with her Australian Shepherd, Jaxon, her family and tackling homework!

Nichole Meyer

Nichole is a farm girl who grew up raising pecans in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She attended WTAMU, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science in 2020.

Before joining us a few months ago, Nichole had worked at three veterinary clinics…gaining experience with reptiles, pocket pets, birds, cats, dogs and all types of large animals. At home, she and her husband raise cattle and one cute little girl!

Nichole has been a valuable addition to our team…moving between both clinics when needed! When visiting, you might see her making appointments, running bloodwork, assisting in exams and surgeries, medicating and/or playing with the animals.

One of Nichole’s favorite experiences at the clinic is visiting with pet owners and hearing their stories about their animals. In her words, “There is nothing better than a puppy appointment!”

Nichole’s pet family consists of a Corgi named Dally, a Golden Retriever mix named Cooper, a pit bull mix named Margarita and a cat named Toby who sports one blue and one yellow eye!

In her spare time, Nichole enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, working with their cattle, and crafting (especially making cups with glitter).